Peter Jochems, 1972

Lives and works in Sprundel, The Netherlands.

Teaching at Nieuwe Nobelaer, Etten-Leur, the Netherlands since 2006.

2006 – Presentation of Research Project on the Rembrandt’s ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Deijman
2005 – Publication ‘The Artist’s Magazine’
2002 – ‘Finalist winner’ in ‘The Artist’s Magazine’-Competition

I make paintings that show people waiting at the station, or sitting in the train or the bus. These are small scenes with a certain sense of stillness, showing fleeting moments when people are being themselves. I try to capture those moments and amplify the atmosphere through painting.

Besides painting, I am intensively engaged in the study of old treatises on art. At the moment I am writing articles about the findings I make in those old texts which will be published through different channels.